Drakes Bay

Point Reyes Station

After my trip to San Francisco we drove around 50 miles north past the Golden Gate Bridge in Marin County to Point Reyes Station. It was my first time visiting the Tomales Bay are and I was amazed by how breathtaking and beautiful it was. I fell in love with everything from the tall trees the the endless ocean, even the cute little town of Point Reyes. It was great to visit well-known places like Cow Girl Creamery and purchase fresh honey from Marshall Honey at the weekly Farmers Market in downtown Point Reyes.

While we were there we also did a 11 mile hike in the Point Reyes National Forest called the 'Bear Valley Loop' starting on the Bear Valley Trail. It began in the beautiful forest and takes you up and elevation of 1400 ft to the Sky Trail. The Sky Trail was along the top of the forest where the air is thin and crisp and eventually leading you to the Coast Trail. We hear many birds and saw a few banana slugs and also came across bushes of wild blackberries! The Coast Trail takes you on the side of the forest overlooking the beautiful ocean for a few miles until you make it back to the Bear Vally Trail and takes you back towards the entrance.

The Bear Valley Loop may have been one of the toughest hikes I have ever been on. My legs felt like noodles and I was hungry and dehydrated but I had one of the most satisfying feelings I have ever had. Probably because I would have never thought to have done it!

The Tomales Bay area was well known for all of their oyster farms and we spent a few hours a day driving up the bay and checking them out. I had an amazing time visiting Marin County and it is definitely one of my favorite places in California and I would recommend it to anyone who likes a little bit of an adventure!